GSOC 2023 ideas

  1. Access to Google Disc, Dropbox or something from Haiku operating system.

It should be possible to port Google-Drive-Ocaml-Fuse to Haiku with userlandfs. Did anyone try that?

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Just get Pony Express to work?


What’s wrong with it? I just did a short test and synced only a few text files, but I worked without any problems.

Welcome back!

i’m happy see you here

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Continuation of 2011 GSOC UVC driver implementation : gabrielhartmann’s blog | Haiku Project (

On that subject, I kind of remember there were missing parts in the USB stack. Is this still the case?

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Getting work newest wine with wow64 support.

Working on the 6 open tickets leading to beta5 ?


Fixing webkit2


Getting qemu able to perform reali virtualization on Haiku (port KVM?).

Having a way to effectively virtualize would provide a temporary workaround most software limitations of Haiku by allowing people to run those software into a VM. Need Chrome? Just run it in QEMU in a LinuxVM.

That would lower the pressure on the Haiku team to port more software and allow them to focus on the OS itself without having a major impact on the users.


Port Gdb debugger


this would actually be really helpful as well as needed mediakit fixes

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For a niche OS, one of the problems is always drivers supporting the hardware.

Something like the old NDISWrapper ([NDISwrapper - Wikipedia] (NDISwrapper - Wikipedia) or NDISulator used to fix this for *nix by being able to use WinXP drivers (for WiFi adapters etc).

We can already use some *BSD drivers, but being able to use Windows drivers would be the end of unsupported hardware.

Maybe some WINE/ReactOS code can be reused for this.


OK, so far we have (just a list of current proposals, by no mean endorsement by the Haiku community/developers) :

Core (kernel/kits/drivers/etc…) :

  • USB stack fixes
  • MediaKit fixes
  • UVC Driver
  • Complete beta5 tickets
  • KVM or other virtualization management service
  • more compatibility layers (proposal for windows driver compatibility layer, but wouldn’t that be a huge undertaking for a simple GSOC as architectures are significantly different?)

Third-party :

  • Pony Express
  • Webkit2 further fixes
  • Wine WoW64
  • File sync services (GDrive, Dropox, etc…)
  • gdb
  • password management for WebPositive

Out of curiosity, what is Pony Express? DDG & other search engine obviously return the horse based mail system.

What about WireGuard support?


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think there are only two areas worth for GSOC:
a) the base
b) stuff special to Haiku.

Which means imho
a) drivers
b) HaikuWebKit/Web+, BeFS

Who decides what to do anyway? Google? The developers? The general audience?

Also I’m not sure why this thread is active now, just a few weeks too late since Google already reviewed and accepted our ideas page for 2023. We’ll keep the ideas for 2024, however we also have to find people interested in mentoring them


I only come once every few weeks and clearly missed this information. Sorry for the noise.