[GSoC 2022] XFS : Final Report | Haiku Project


Hope everyone is doing well.

GSoC 2022 is nearing its end so here is the final report on my project, which aims at adding more XFS file system support on Haiku.

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Ahoy @Mashijams !

Thanks for your funny adventure -- coding and bug fixing of XFS filesystem support for Haiku -- that altogether will be a really useful feature for Haiku users.

Now – at least – your code enables to read XFS fs as mounted within Haiku.
On the linux machine I had stored media content and was my “media server”, I chose XFS filesystem to store the data, however JFS was also available as journaling FS. I assume it was just a human stuff : that was the only thing I could own from a Silicon Graphics machine at that time (or even now) 8-D
For me the *nixes - as they are referred the UNIX/Linux here by some peoples – are not the forgetable dinosaurs from the '70s, but amazing stuff that offers numerous choices as they can be used, and yepp, the command line with pipes that was not available in DOS where I started to meet computers (sorry I do not count 8 bit home computers here - of course they were earlier even for me living in a country of Middle - Europe – in the '80s) ;-))
I think a workstation a really cool stuff – even today when it can be available as a portable one. I understand most Haiku devs to keep Haiku a personal computing system, but I assume a workstation moreover a graphical one is also a really personal machine if it not used as for example as a workgroup server or FTP/printer server.
If I know well - in case BeOS - its multimedia capabilities were really a hit in that time of PC era – related to other OSes on PC machines. I hope it remained important part as well as the daily usage seems that way in actual times – at least by the forum posts.
I know - it is not the mid ‘90s - now everything is about networking and stay connected … also services and what they offer … not multimedia. So as one sayin’ : “If you have net (on your computer) … (then) you have everything” :-))

But put an end to my lofty – thanks again your efforts – and also hoping in your next contribution for Haiku …
Keep up the good work ! 8-D

EDIT: fixed typos (I hope ALL :slight_smile: )


I’m happy that you made so much progress on XFS. As that is my goto fs for Linux it will make things a lot easier when in Haiku. Great work!