GSoC 2021: XFS file system support | Haiku Project

I am Xiaojie Yi, currently majoring in Data Science and Big Data technology in Central China Normal University, China. I am happy to be selected as GSoC student this year and can work for Haiku to get more XFS filesystem support done. My mentors are CruxBox and Rene.

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I forget to share my proposal link. You can find it here. :smiley:


Thank you, @island0x3f, for sharing with the community a clear view of work done until now and what remains to be done, as well as for possible approach to move forward.

Welcome to join this community, Haiku is more than what you think.

@pengphei Nice to meet you! I read your blogs and them encouraged me a lot.
And lucky to be a contributor here. :slight_smile: