GSoC 2021 Final Report: Modernizing Chat-O-Matic (Caya) | Haiku Project

GSoC’s coming to an end, so it’s time for a final update: An overview of what I’ve been working on this summer.

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Thank you for some awesome work and making the foundation of a chat client that perhaps can be added as part of the Haiku distribution!

It is also heartwarming to see that you plan to continue to contribute to the project.

Is by chance the Mattermost protocol supported?


AFAIK libpurple is GPL, but maybe this is not a blocking problem.

Very nice work!

On the latest nightly build I had to rebuild libpurple though, as the version available in Haiku Depot would not install as it was complaining about needing a version of libffi that’s unavailable.

Nice work! Hope you continue to work on it :smiley:

Nice work, keep it up whenever you want to!

Also, thanks for giving credit to whoever came up with the title. :wink:

There’s a Purple plugin by EionRobb― haven’t had a try myself, but it looks nice. :slight_smile:


Maybe not so hard to get it over? PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

Hello, JadeCtrl…
Nice work and nice to see more apps for Haiku.
I tried to download the .HPKG Chat-O-Matic file from Git but cannot install it since a version conflict with Haiku. See here:

I have a updated Haiku Beta 3 64bit install and it should work.
Maybe someone else has a solution for this.

Thank you for you nice work, will try it soon.
Why not call it ChatPositive? Anyway your choice is as good and nice too.

Whoops, I forgot to mention the package was made on a nightly build. If you want to try on beta 3, it looks like you’ll have to build it.

PR is on haikuports, anyone with a haikuporter setup could build and check their selves until it gets merged :slight_smile:

Seems like that wasn’t suggested back when program names were being sought out. This is the first mention of it in the forum.

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You could have named the app Chatterbox :thinking:

Chatterbox was also not suggested when app name suggestions were being solicited. That is also the first instance of it appearing in the forum.

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That looks really good.I’ll have to try it with the purple-matrix add-on.This could finally be the native Matrix client I was looking for.Sure,purple-matrix is far from perfect (I used it in Pidgin in the past) but the Qt Matrix apps aren’t perfect either so I’ll give it a chance at least.

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