GSoC 2020 Project: Adding XFS file system in Haiku | Haiku Project

Sorry for the late post, but here we go!

I am Shubham Bhagat, a sophomore, currently majoring in Computer Science Engineering from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sricity, India. I came across Haiku, last November (2019), while I was looking for an operating system I could contribute to. My interest to contribute came from a mini college course. I knew Haiku was also part of GSoC for many years now, so getting the chance to work as an intern and learn here was a no brainer. So THANK YOU for selecting me as a mentee!

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Hey, just a heads up, though the “Proposal” link expired. Otherwise, I’m excited to hear more about this project! :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’ll share another link to the proposal in a bit.

Meanwhile, you can read more about XFS here:

It’s a very interesting file system.

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Coś się dzieje w projekcie, nowe rzeczy, ale iso się nie zmienia.

Why not update iso file?

We are about to release a new beta2 version soon.