GSOC 2019 idea 1

I have two ideas to work on for this GSOC and “Updating and Extending WebPositive” is one. I want to work on the following features but I have some doubts.

  1. Advanced session management. There is minimal support for restoring tabs from the last closed window, but a more complete solution is desirable. The web browser should be able to store its whole state (multiple windows and tabs) to a session file, and restore the state from that file.
    Q: I feel WebPositive does pretty much everything about restoring tabs from the last closed window. What else has to be done in session management?

  2. For the third one I thought of implementing a password management system like that in modern browsers.
    I know that this feature will require me to work on haiku webkit. I have worked a little on haiku webkit and I want to know how difficult will it be for me to implement this feature. I have some experience with haiku webkit. While trying to solve “Search the web” ticket I learned how to search for a particular functionality in a large codebase by searching using grep. For example I was able to find the place where “Search the web” code was written using grep. I am good with C++, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also I am going to give my full time commitment to GSOC 2019 if I get selected. Given these factors how difficult will it be for me to implement this feature? Also can anyone please give a high level breakdown so as to what all things that will needed implement this feature?

  3. Bookmarks import, export with modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox

  4. Implementing private browsing

  5. Implementing a completion popup to search in different search engines
    How will be these three features as part of improving webpositive?

Please reply back as soon as possible as the deadline to submit proposal is 9th April.

userscript support, webextension support would be some ideas with a bit greater difficulty.

Webextension support would allow adblocking via extension.

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just one suggestion: the password management thing should use Haiku’s password storage kits

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@PulkoMandy Can you please help me out here with the proposal as well :sweat_smile:

I would much appreciate if other Haiku developers would help people. I can’t do everything with GSoC, sorry.

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Please keep in mind a project also needs a mentor, not only a student.

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