[GSoC 2018: XFS support] Week #6 | Haiku Project

Hey folks,

After implementing the superblock structure, my next task was to get the identify_partition hook working. I implemented dummy hooks (xfs_identify_parition, xfs_scan_partition) which logs some keyword so that I can trace how it’s working and in what order hooks are being called. I didn’t focus on mount hook at this point. While building I was getting the segmentation fault and wasn’t able to proceed. Adrien suggested to use GDB and try to debug and see what wrong. From the xfs_shell commands, it was clear that the xfs_shell binary was located at [/haiku/haiku/generated.x86_64/objects/linux/x86_64/release/tools/xfs_shell]. This way was to run the xfs_shell in GDB:

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Thanks for the update.

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Wondering how things are progressing on this file system project.

Are the initially encountered stumbling blocks resolvable?