[GSoC 2018 - TrackGit] Progress Report 13 | Haiku Project

This is the thirteenth progress report for TrackGit project. I did the following in last week:

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I tried to compile TrackGit on 64bit Haiku and it fails at Utils.h at the line #include <vector.h> with “file not found”. Shouldn’t that just be vector instead of vector.h? If I make that change and try again I get several errors because of “vector” in the code instead of “std::vector” and no “using namespace” directive.
To compile the code I just typed “make” in the top level directory. Am I doing something wrong?

It looks like hrily did not yet try to compile his app using gcc 5, at least that does sound like common problems when porting apps from gcc 2.

Alright, thanks axeld. I’ll try it on my 32bit Haiku VM with gcc2 in that case.

I`ve adapted the TrackGit source code to compile with gcc7 on Haiku x86_64. Only a few #if and a small change in the Makefile were necessary. I tested the compiled binary briefly and so far it seems to work.

Now the question is where to submit the patch. I assume a pull request on HaikuArchives would be the right place. Am I right?

If yes, I`d be happy about a short explanation on how to make a pull request. I have basic knowledge about git and also a GitHub account but never made a PR.


@humdinger Has posted many times his link, i think:

Last time i tried to describe it, the answer was given :+1:

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Thanks for the link, must have missed that :wink: