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Hie, I’m Hrishikesh Hiraskar (IRC/Trac/Github: hrily) from India. I will be working on TrackGit, a git addon for Git version control for Tracker under GSoC 2018. I’m really excited to be a part of Haiku community and for doing this project. I’m currently doing my B.Tech. in Computer Engineering at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. You can find more information about me on my website or my blog.

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Thanks for your nice and detailed proposal. Nice job, i pretty like the screenshots, it lets us imagine how would it looks like and how would it function.

I’m sure, the TrackerAddons limits the possibilities to the existing concepts, and it is really nice, that you try to extend this with the submenus, but i’m somewhat sure i would never use this AddOn.
Not, because it won’t provide the functionality what i need, but i don’t want to dive into plenty submenus. I’m so much faster with terinal.

From my viewpoint, to make it usable, it would be required to rework/extend the capabilities of the AddOns.
I can imagine, that the AddOn modifies the Tracker window if there a git repository detected. This concept already exist in Haiku, as Tracker lets the user select extra columns in listview if a media file detected.

So this is how i imagine this:

So, in case of a new folder the user would be presented with a standard empty Tracker window what we all know.

Then the user would be able to init or clone something with the submenu what you proposed.

In Icon-View the files gets an overlay icon, like colored tags to show the actual status of the files.
In List-View extra attribute for the status, as the icon is just way to small to host an overlay icon.

The Tracker would get an extra sidebar automatically if a git-repo detected to show the most important info, like branch-name and would provide more UI space for control elements like buttons.

Then your Add-On menu would provide just a Clone and Init option, nothing else.


Actually there will probably be more things in the menu (checkout, create branch, …). And it can open new windows too (something like gitk would be great, but probably quite complex).

Depending on how fast the project goes, indeed icon overlays would be something to look into. But for a GSoC project we try to start small and keep things focused at first. Later on we can see about extending this with more features.