[GSoC 2018: SDHCI MMC Driver]: Week #11 | Haiku Project

Hello everyone, We are in the final week of GSoC’18 program and yesterday our code has successfully merged. It got crashed in the first build because we thought we would add the code but disable the build currently but we didn’t test the case when device manager will try to find the driver in a certain directory which we hardcoded at the time of loading the module. So we just changed it to an OR condition where it won’t be able to find the driver binary but still be able to boot the OS in any case.

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I took a quick look out of curiosity…
In section ‘4.7.2 Command Format’, it seems quite a bit different than your calculation.
It’s a 48 bit command, with the command index being 6 bits [45:40], and also a calculated CRC7 [7:1], where CRC7 is used for all commands. I don’t see it being calculated anywhere.

Also, CMD0 is listed as type ‘bc’, being a broadcast command, with no response. It doesn’t seem to give a response.
But what your reference is in SPI mode. The calculation looks like register access.

Am I missing something?