[GSoC 2017] Calendar Application

Hello I'm Akshay (IRC/Trac: akshay, GitHub: AkshayAgarwal007) from Kolkata, India. I would be working on developing a native Calendar Application for Haiku as a part of Google Summer of Code 2017. My mentors for the project are Scott McCreary and Kacper Kasper. I am very excited for this project.

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yay! Finally we will have a awesome native calender application!
Good luck!

What about using BFS’s unique features here? Not sure how to get the UI right though.

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Oh yes, I am very excited for this! However not everyone uses google for calendars so it would be great to have CalDAV integrated into this for syncing with other online providers. This is something I have wanted to look into but just don’t have the time.

Also please look at the way that the People application saves Person files for contacts. Information is saved as attributes to the file, so it is fully query-able (is that a word?) by the file system. This also allows other applications to easily interact with Person files, so you have multiple applications all using the same data set. That is a truly unique feature of Haiku (from BeOS) that should be leveraged.

Good luck, and we are all here to help when you have any questions!


Congratulations with the project.

A calendar app with Google Calendar support is a great way to give something back to Google, and I would love to see implementation of the graphics available in their mobile app. So when writing gym, barber or travel, I get relevant graphics for the calendar event. Or I get a background photo from the location where the event is taking place.

Sharing and sending invites would be needed as well.

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Will be greate to add birthdays, events, and other things like visiting a doc, children sitting…

Could you consider a week view? This is a good way to get an overview of what you have on your schedule this week, that many calendar applications lack.

+1 to caldav integration and using files with attributes to store events.

Your mockups look nice :slight_smile:

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Excited about this app! Sync with google calendar is great. Query-able attributes is truly needed. Group calendar could also be considered. Thank you!

Strong agreement that the calendar needs to take the file system as its strength for storage and querying. Now, a calendar needs specialized views that’d be impossible in Tracker, so I’m OK with a non-Tracker frontend.

+1 for CalDAV.

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