[GSoC 2017] Calendar Application: Weekly Report 5

Hello Everyone!

It's been more than a week since I wrote my last blog post. In this post I would brief you on the work done during this time.

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Looks very pretty, i like it.

Looks very promising.
Will you implement a kind of service that will alert for calendar’s events, also when the app isn’t open? I mean something like “Remember”: http://softwaredepot.altervista.org/haiku/screenshots/remember_haiku.png

Anyway I’m looking forward for an official release of your app to be installed on Haiku :wink:

Happy birthday Akshay!

Austere, simple, all you need, nothing you don’t need. Congratulations, you’ve really nailed the Haiku look and feel.

Will you be documenting the data format so others can access calendar data in their own apps?

Almost all we need. CalDAV integration is still on my wishlist!

Great job, and it’s awesome that you are fixing core classes that all other apps will benefit from as well.

I’m really excited about this project… great work!