[GSoC 2017] Calendar Application: Final Report | Haiku Project

Hello Everyone!

Google Summer of Code 2017 is off to an end and in this report I'll be summarizing the work done throughout the summer.

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Nice work, and it is great that you were also able to contribute changes to some formatter classes that other projects can now use as well. I hope you will stick around and continue working on apps for Haiku, there is certainly enough to keep busy! Even if you have only a few hours per week, I hope like me you will find contributing to the Haiku project fun, challenging and rewarding.

I hope you will stay on haiku too, great work

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Very nice job! I appreciate your use of a color menu field.

Thanks @Perelandra0x309 :slight_smile: Ya there are a lot of apps in HaikuArchives to work on and the Calendar app itself requires a good amount of work for it to be a part of the release image and otherwise. So would be working on it. Contributing to the Haiku source interests me very much too so I’ll try to contribute there as well.

Thanks @lelldorin. :slight_smile:

Thanks @jscipione.:slight_smile: your work on colorPickerPanel and Colors is really cool.

Good job :wink:

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Is it possible to get an app package for this?

Very good work !!! Thanks for your time and dedication to this project :slight_smile: