[GSoC 2017] Adding write supports for Btrfs

Hello everyone,

My name is Hy (Trac: hyche, freenode IRC: ugen), and this first blog is about my introduction and Btrfs. This is the first time I participate in Google Summer of Code, I also know Haiku through this event. My project in this summer is write supports for Btrfs and my main mentors are mmu_man (François Revol) and tqh (Fredrik Holmqvist).

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mmu_man and tqh is 2 different person. It is a bit misleading…
Just my 2 cent.

My bad, I just fix it, I misunderstood between mmu_man and tqh true name.

@ugen mmu_man = Francois Revol :slight_smile:

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Look here :slight_smile:


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