Greetings from Kentucky

Greetings y’all from Kentucky.
Actually, I am a Scotsman who moved here in 1999.
Grew up with 8-bit systems, Amiga, WIndows (95 to XP), and now running Linux: PCLinuxOS & Solus.
First encountered Haiku at Ohio Linux Fest in 2013, and been checking it out every few years.
Lately @claudiom on the Fediverse encouraged me to check in again, and I am delighted to see how usable Haiku is these days. Some of the YouTube guys are using words such as “daily driver” and they are so correct.
I have Haiku installed on a SSD in an Alienware M15X A08 laptop from 2010, and it is running great. I just need to check into wifi.
Looking forward to being part of the community.


Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

(R1B4 is the first version that I have actually used myself, having had checked out previous versions too.)


Welcome! One of my best friends is from your neck of the woods. My own story with Haiku is very similar. It’s been a year since I first installed R1B4 in a VM, then on an old laptop, and things only got better in the mean time. Hang around, I think you’ll like the crowd here.


Thanks mate.
Finding this to be a very informative & searchable forum, with a friendly community.

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Have you ever played with BeOS?

I have not used BeOS.

It’s probably good to give BeOS a try if you can get it to successfully install to get context on what the Haiku project is trying to achieve.

I have BeOS Personal Edition installed on VirtualBox via ReactOS and Win98. Other folks have had more success getting it installed more directly. Of course I have BeOS running on real hardware but it’s packed away.

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Wow! I Tooted a photo of my system on the Fediverse via Mastodon, and it has really taken off with Boosts and Favourites!


Got one more favourite. :slight_smile: Welcome!

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Appreciate the correct spelling! :smiley:

lol, no checkspeller in WebPositive (that i know of), so if I was wrong I’m sorry, not my native tounge :smiley:

It’s all good.
I am from Scotland (United Kingdom / Great Britain) where we have a u in favourite.
These days I live in Kentucky, USA where they spell favorite.
Same with colour and color.

Wasn’t sure so I used the way you posted before that :wink: Hi from Belgium btw.

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Ahoy Haikunaut !

It is just like a post in

Where are you from, Haiku/BeOS user ?

If you wanna discover others and help to be pinned on the

Map of Haiku / BeOS users …

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