I am looking at buying a low end laptop. I am trying to decide between one based on AMD E-450 and one based on the new Intel Atom N2800. The new Atom is using a PowerVR SGX 545 for graphics. Does anyone know if this n PowerVR SGX 545 is supported? If it isn’t is it one of those chips that has no open source driver? I know I can use Vesa and will probably do that is this idea of this PowerVR SGX 545 is something that Haiku does or my still be able to support. Anyway, just looking for feedback. I can go either way.


P.S. I do know that neither of these is guaranteed to work in Haiku. I am hoping someone with better hardware knowledge and better Haiku knowledge can just give me their opinion.

The E-450 is more likely to work… as it has a radeon gpu and should be supported by the radeon_hd drive which is quite activly developed and you will probably see 3D acceleration there first on haiku.

The PowerVR is a piece of junk… it would probably work in VESA mode if it supports it.

Thank you, one more question please. All other things aside E-450 or A-3305M ?