Graphics don't load properly from live CD

When I boot from the live CD the graphics load as if my resolution is not supported. I cannot read a thing and I cannot see my cursor. I kind of just get random shades of blue with a hint that a dialog box might be in the right side of the screen. I’m dual booting Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10 right now. Running “dxdiag” on Windows returns:

Any known solution?

There is something strange about that chipset/driver. I have one on a Lenovo G400 / 3000. Works fine with the 1280x800 built-in LCD screen, same visual ‘noise’ you report if I try to use an external Philips 200WS native 1680x1050. Not limited to Haiku - same thing happens in Xorg on OpenBSD 4.6 and NetBSD 5.1.1

Yet the same screen works OK with the same OS’en (and many more…) if run from the embedded S3 Unichrome off a VIA C7 mobo. And that combination is hardly a great example itself - but at least it works.

The culprit seems to be paying heed to the chipset’s reported capability, but not as much to those reported by the monitor, as in each case it has set too high a refresh rate.

Easily fixed with a line in /etc/X11/xorg.conf - but I am not sure where the Haiku equivalent is to be found… nor what one could do - other than ‘safe’ mode - if limited to live cd.

Yes, try the fail-safe video mode.

You can find out how to use it here:

Awesome thanks for the help, right now I have it running in a VM.

Edit: Safe graphics solved the issue