Graphic Drivers for EFI when?

At now is only framebuffer, I don’t know what I write . PIS

No ETA…since nobody is working on it. It will happen as soon as someone writes/ports the code to handle it.

Well, more properly speaking, the “actual” drivers (intel_extreme, radeon_hd, etc.) already work under EFI, but of course only for the cards they support. So if you are using the “Framebuffer” driver, this means no driver we have even declares support for your graphics driver.

You can change the resolution of the Framebuffer driver in the bootloader, though.

Could we make the screen preferences able to change the resolution with a reboot at least? Kind of like VesaAccepted did in BeOS days IIRC?

The driver could remember the list of available resolution and provide that to screen preferences, and the accelerant could tell the screen preferences that a reboot is required? That’s not as nice as direct modesetting, but at least it would be something easier than messing with the bootmenu.

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Is Vesa faster than Framebuffer? I am using framebuffer on my iMac, its not slow at all.

VESA is just a specification for changing resolutions and such on a framebuffer… so no because VESA is a framebuffer. Unlike VESA it seems the UEFI doesn’t allow changing anything after boot… quite a shame. You need the real graphic driver to do the mode swtiching with UEFI.