GPD Mini SlimBook and GPD Pocket 2 compatibility


Have ever tried someone this type of small laptop with Haiku ? I would like use haiku as main OS on this hardware but I am worry of wifi drivers, USB3 or Atom intel CPU because some people say it can cause troubles

thank you for your help of list on compatibility or some advice which HW is the best for haiku OS

I have tried Haiku on the GPD Win 1… the screen is rotated sideways and the input doesn’t work as expected and I think if I remember correctly the touchscreen wasn’t working either.

If you have a GPD device… boot into the BIOS if it is sideways it almost certainly won’t work untill Haiku gets screen rotation support (which is not really something to expect soon).

Well, it might not be all that complex for at least a fixed rotation. But you need to put the device into the hands of a not-too-busy developer for some time for such things to happen.

Screen rotation can be implemented by software in app_server. This don’t require actual device.

That’s terrible… you should always have the hardware do it, as pretty much all sane hardware supports rotation. A fallback to software is helpful but not ideal.