Google Code-In 2012 Haiku Wrap Up Report | Haiku Project

Haiku participated in Google’s Code-In for the third year in a row. This year’s event was a bit different than in 2010 and 2011. Google changed the rules a bit to make the contest better than in previous years. One of the changes was to remove the translation tasks as it seems for many of these tasks students were using Google Translator and other such tools. This meant that the biggest category for Haiku in GCI2010 and 2011 was gone, so we would have to adjust things a bit. For 2012 we had students complete 168 tasks, with ten students completing six or more tasks each. We focused more on coding and coding related tasks than in the past. We had a few stand out students, who we will talk more about in a future post, since we aren’t allowed to tip off who the winners are until February 4th when they are announced by Google. One of the other changes was that each org got to pick 2 grand prize winners out of the 5 students who completed the most tasks for that org. So this means that 2 of the 20 grand prize winners will be students who completed tasks for Haiku.

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