Google Chromebook Pixel (2013)

I just downloaded Haiku this weekend and was very impressed. I was able to run it in VirtualBox without any issues.

I have a Google Chromebook Pixel (2013) that is no longer eligible for updates. I was wondering if anyone has tried loading Haiku on this model or similar Chromebook? I think Haiku would be a fantastic replacement for Chrome OS.


Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to install Haiku on your device due to the quirky bios found on Chromebooks. There are some tools to install regular Linux instead of ChromeOS on Chromebooks, and GalliumOS, a Linux distribution designed to run on Chromebooks without any modifications or external tools.

Thanks. That’s too bad. I think old Chromebooks would be great for Haiku. I may give Linux a try.

I think that the clues from installing other operating systems on the Pixel 2013, for example ( ) may provide hints about how to get Haiku on it.

The major challenge will be to respect of the device drivers. As ChromeOS uses the Linux Kernel, Android and the various Linux Distributions are easier to get running on the Pixel 2013 than say Windows.

The first step though would be to get Haiku to boot from SD or USB via Developer Mode and Legacy BIOS.

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