GoldenDict - no popup window

I installed GoldenDict and Babylon German - English dictionary. This program works fine on a Linux PopOS Laptop. But in Haiku I never get the popup window with translation when dubble click a word in a browser or text document. Typing in “Lock up” field though works in Haiku. All setting are the same for GoldenDict on both computers.
Any ideas for this?

Another thing: Choosing categories in this forum does not work on my computer. Just flash for a fraction of a second and dissapeares in WebPostive

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Almost Sure it is not implemented.

Thats realy bad if that is the case. For me that is the hole point with the program, to tranlate on the fly in a text. To copy/paste in a new window is realy old fashion. Could that be solved by Haiku team or is it GoldenDict issue?

yes it is!
Hopefully someone will write an Haiku Add-on for translation! I am not that one, sorry.

The HaikuPorts team and/or the original author is responsible, but not the Haiku team.

Only thing I did there was so GoldenDict could find and use the hunspell dictionaries (that works :slight_smile: ) , typing in the search field indeed works, double clicking on a word doesn’t reveal any translations though, I’m not familiar with the app so not really sure where to look for a solution here :frowning: