Godot open source game engine have the wish to be in haiku Os

I note that entry https://github.com/okamstudio/godot/pull/2369 it could be great have some indy games for haiku made with this awesome game engine.

finally, the engine everyone’s been waiting for

but there are not a blender 2.75 for haiku yet :frowning:

i die for test it :3 and isnt merged yet :frowning:


I have been working on this for some time and the pull request was just merged! \o/
Now, this is at a quite early stage of development but it runs :slight_smile:

I have created a package for this nightly build, you can download and install if from here:


You can test it with the demos from the main Godot repo (the 2d platformer even has sound working!!!):


I have been working on this in a VM only and would be quite interested to know how it runs on real hardware.
If anyone has Haiku on real HW please share the results :slight_smile:

There are some known problems that I am aware of, so no need to report them:

  • Do not resize the window - resizing the window will freeze/corrupt the display
  • It is quite slow - our mesa port uses the software renderer so the GPU is not actually used
  • Some of the ingame "servers" (display, physics) are running on the main thread - will have to change that :D
  • If the game tries to save some settings/configs it may not work
  • There is no Haiku exporter - at some undefined point in the future I would like this to be able to create haiku packages :D
  • Probably a lot of other things but as I said this is an early port

Haiku installer error:
nothing provides lib:libglew_x86>=1.12.0 needed by godot_x86-2.01

Try building the glew library from haikuports.

please upload screen shots and if can a binary :slight_smile: thanks.

A binary was posted a few posts up!

This is pretty cool!

“Some of the ingame “servers” (display, physics) are running on the main thread - will have to change that :D”

This would be biggest option for better performance!

Yeah, I am just not that good at debugging locking issues :smiley:
I will have to give it another try.
Did anyone try to run it on real hardware?

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A lenovo laptop but it have some glitches anda d black screens.

Have you checked with swrast or swpipe mesa addon?
I dont know which the default one in Haiku, but you find Both in Depot, install the other, remove the default and try to Run Godot again.

Nice work, btw!

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oh i didnt know it :slight_smile: i will try this week.

A long list of games running on GODOT: showcase


Hello! What is already possible to do with godot and if it is possible to play some game could list.

You canmllok into the godot home page for demos and games published


Great work so far…

It would be great to have something like Godot working on Haiku!
Something to show to the not as enthusiastic Haiku user like me…
With Godot you can learn to program and get something done… if you get it to work!

Realy nice approach nice work great program…