Godot 4.x on Haiku

Hello everyone! First post here.
I am working on a Game right now in Godot 4.2.2 Stable. (I do not plan to do migration updates till the game is done)
I am on Linux but it will also be ported to Windows, MacOS, BSD and hopefully Haiku and OpenIndiana. This includes on ARM and RISCV as well as X86_64 and perhaps x86_32. Maybe even ppc64 since it’s supported via Godot.

I am here to ask what people’s experience is with Godot on Haiku. Should I build from Haiku or does anyone have instructions for a template I can use for good Haiku porting? If anyone has any information I can utilize, it would be very appreciated.

There used to be Haiku support in the Godot 3.x series, but it was later removed.

How come? Any ideas why?

Maybe lack of maintainers? Been a while, so can’t recall the exact reasoning.

Do you think anyone will come forward to do so? I have my doubts since the community is still trying to make their Operating System usable.

Maybe? It depends really if anyone has interest in it.

This is the PR removing the last (bitrotted) haiku support: Haiku: Remove remnants of past WIP platform port by akien-mga · Pull Request #81420 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

It mentions that the port moved to a seperate repo here: GitHub - godotengine/godot-platform-haiku: Godot Engine platform port for the Haiku operating system // UNMAINTAINED, for reference / forks.

But it was untouched for 4 years. So this likely would need some porting effort to work again.

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As others already replied here, there hasn’t been any work done (or progress for that matter, aside from some attempts mentioned here in the forum). Other then that, the people working on the system are not (always) the same as the people working on the ports for Haiku (just thought I’d mention it here). :slight_smile:

Question. Do you think it would even be worth the effort to port to Haiku at the time being?

Just my 2 cents, if your Game requires Godot 4.x then probably not at this moment. But don’t let that stop you from searching for sollutions.

I will continue to look around and will make attempts to build but I won’t make it a major priority. The game will receive long term support so if building doesn’t work off the bat, I will continue to keep my eyes open for any changes for porting.

I had Godot 3.3.4 working enough for my needs. The port ran all of the Godot 3.3.4 demos at that time. Needed more time to fix things though.

Maybe, we could look at this moreso with Godot dev once Haiku R1B5 is released?
Could post a request with Haikuports for interested maintainers.

Request added: Godot: maintainer support for Godot v4.x · Issue #10452 · haikuports/haikuports (github.com)