Gobe Productive replacement?

Anyone secretly working on a Gobe Productive replacement? I remember someone working with Ryan Leavengood on Web+ was prototyping such a thing, but is that code still being worked on??

No, I’m sorry. :frowning:

…By the way, how are you at programming? Because Haiku is in need of a nice native word processor. :smiley:

Edit: Here’s the most recent version of the story:



Though I may possess some programming skills, it’s not enough to whip up a word processor antytime soon. I’m currently learning C/C++ from a few books including just picking up DarkWyrm’s book here recently to learn about Haiku’s API. I can imagine a team of greenhorn programmers with some motivation under the direction of some seasoned programmer with the mastery in Haiku could get one done (with basic functionality and featureset) by the time R1 ships.

My problem is, when I imagine a new word processor with basic functionality I quickly realize it already exists: StyledEdit. :-/

Wasn’t Abiword ported to Haiku?

If StyledEdit had almost the same feature set as TextEdit (from Mac OS X), I’d probably be satisfied with it for the majority of my needs, but it still needs some much needed enhancements to get there.

People are reporting that ThinkFree Office runs with the GSOC Java VM: