GNOME Web catching modifier keys (can't use Twitcher)

Hi everyone. I’ve installed GNOME Web (Epiphany) and I’m very happy with the fact that it can render most websites correctly and quite fast. I’m facing a minor but very annoying issue. Epiphany seems to be catching keypresses and it’s not passing them to Haiku, and so if I try to use ALT-TAB (I have it configured this way) to open Twitcher while the Epiphany window is focused it won’t work: it will just move to the next webpage element, as if I was pressing the sole TAB key. Twitcher works as expected if I have any other window focused.

Couldn’t find a way to change shortcuts in Epiphany, but I’m assuming this is probably an issue on all GTK apps?

Thanks in advance

It’s reported here: Epiphany: Cannot use Ctrl+Tab shortcut · Issue #7967 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub
But maybe should be filed here: Issues · X547/wayland-server · GitHub ?

One of the reasons the IDE Geany isn’t functional enough for daily use. :confused:

Thanks for the replies, I’ll have a look when I have some time and see if I can at least report it in the proper place.

I believe that it is a bug on Haiku side. Twitcher shortcut is currently handled on application side (so if application process shortcuts by itself, Twitcher, screenshot and maybe other shortcuts stop working), but should be handled on system side, in input_server add-on for example.

Only one minor issue with GNOME Web ?!.. How lucky you are !.. :nerd_face: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Yepp, Web enables the most sites to be rendered most fully … actually on Haiku (32 bit I have), however since I use

→ I lost history function - it is empty … even after a reinstall attempt,

→ it is forgetting favourite pages - I did the additions for more than a dozen times - it is quite random when this hapens : sometimes after some crash, sometimes after some restart, or sometimes at a new boot of Haiku and start Web simply and face to the list is empty again …

result of [AltGr + other button ] combos are swallowed – happens nothing – this way for example I must copy and paste my mail address from a text file as the
‘commercial a’ *** - [AltGr + V] , for me on Hungarian layout - *** is unavailable … and the same for other important marks I would use typing in input fields.

→ also, sometimes I must close the browser to get back the imput fields’ input capability …
After a while - I do not know or understand on what it depends – the input fields on pages and in the browser itself … became “not available/read only-like” :
if empty : cannot write in it,
or the opposite - backspace cannot delete characters if they are not empty
IF I restart the browser … AFTER that they are “RW” again … I can
write in / can modify
their content in the input fields.
I can alter the URL, the search field, the data I need to give, etc …

→ and there are some also “minor” problem(s) for me - like
a) slowness, stucking of pages when I switching tabs … it is like the browser would iterate the download of the page again … painlessly long time gone when the already rendered seen page re-appears after I switched onto another tab and back again …
I thought Web would use the ramfs for acceleration … however my 20+ GB ramfs is always empty

 Mount             Type      Total     Free      Flags   Device
----------------- --------- --------- --------- ------- ------------------------
/boot             bfs        13.5 GiB   3.0 GiB QAM-P-W /dev/disk/usb/1/0/2
/boot/system      packagefs   4.0 KiB   4.0 KiB QAM-P-- 
/boot/home/config packagefs   4.0 KiB   4.0 KiB QAM-P-- 
                  ramfs             0  30.0 GiB QAM-PRW 
/HIKVISION_2TO    ntfs        1.8 TiB 295.3 GiB ----P-W /dev/disk/usb/0/0/0
/SMB Network      userlandfs 100.0 GiB 100.0 GiB -AMSP-W 

b) also forgets settings as well I had set earlier in Settings :
I set to ask for download directory - every time !! -
I set to magnify pages 133 % not to 100 % which is the default …
It just “forgets” themtime-to-time - I had to set it at least multiple dozen times.
c) moreover, frequently forgets the logged in statuses – meh, I can live with it … but it is annoying as of course … I should type in “verboten” so forbidden characters with AltGr , so I have to open text files again to do so , … SO-O-O … frustrating, frustrating, frustrating again …

I would be happy ,

If I would have only one minor problem again

using GNOME Web …

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