Gmail woes

I cannot use mail_daemon or BeAM for Gmail. I had no luck getting G-Mail working with Claw_Mail or Trojita either–same issue.

From Google:

Less secure apps & your Google Account

To help keep your account secure, from May 30, 2022, ​​Google no longer supports the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password.

Important: This deadline does not apply to Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity customers. The enforcement date for these customers will be announced on the Workspace blog at a later date.

For more information, continue to read.

If an app or site doesn’t meet our security standards, Google might block anyone who’s trying to sign in to your account from it. Less secure apps can make it easier for hackers to get in to your account, so blocking sign-ins from these apps helps keep your account safe.

I read elsewhere for those using G-Mail prior to this deadline were grand-fathered continued service.

Any ideas?

You can for example switch mail provider.


Some mail clients have obeyed Google requirements and implemented their custom way to log in to your account. So, if you want to remain with GMail, you can use one of these. I have no recommendation because I mostly run my own mailserver now, and I have not followed development on which clients can do this.

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What’s described at #17149 (Implement oauth login for GMail and other modern providers) – Haiku still works for me.

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It’s always funny to read Google talking about security.
Seriously,that has absolutely zero to do with security,they only want to force their non-standard crap on everyone because they have the power to do it.
Maybe that should be taken as a chance to make people migrate away from the worlds biggest data-kraken?
Create a nice list of mail providers that work in Haikus mail apps and don’t collect and sell user data,and show a link to it whenever a Gmail login fails,what do you think?
I honestly don’t get why people are still using Google services so long after Snowden and them receiving two Big Brother Awards (negative award for no privacy),and it increasingly hurts my brain.
Sorry if that’s too off-topic but I couldn’t resist.


That´s a great way to make people think Haiku is not ready to be used as a daily OS :wink:


It allows to use two-factor authentication (you need a password and also confirmation on your phone).

But it is badly implemented on that regard: the password could still go through the usual methods, and the mail server could simply delay answering that until it has asked your phone if it’s really you.

Do I miss something there? And if I don’t, is the fact that it isn’t done that way because of malevolence or incompetence? Or possibly a mix of both combined with a bit of lazyness? The latter is somewhat likely, because there were probably dozens, if not hundreds, of people working on this at Google.

I will not make any guesses about the exact proportions of malevolence, lazyness and incompetence involved :slight_smile:

Yes, as an OS, it isn’t your job to do this. As OS developers and users in the forum, however… :wink:

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I use a Gmail account for testing at work. I had to use this:

It’s… another password you have to use instead of using the account password.

Of course not. But from a user perception standpoint the difference is not always clear. That’s even more visible when looking at the web browser discussions.
I’ve looked at google specs for oauth2 authentication, it doesn’t look too hard at first sight. I’ll try if I can implement it.



After trying BeAM and Haiku’s mail, I installed Claws_mail & Trojita–these also failed to work with GMail. Hence, I tried using it with and–all four apps failed to connect as well. I can connect via Web connecting via their respective login pages–no problems. I just cannot get the current versions of Haiku’s e-mail apps to work with these three major e-mail players.

@humdinger you were grand-fathered since you were using GMail already. Only new Haiku users are impacted.

From a daily user perspective, e-mail services needs to be updated and the developers are fully aware of it already.

I previously used mail and BeAM daily until Thunderbird was released for Zeta OS–at that time, I switched to Thunderbird. Since Zeta 1.5, I use Thunderbird as my daily driver in Linux and Windows. Sadly, none of the Mozilla products are in Haiku due to migration efforts would be very intense (from what I understand).

Thanks everyone for your replies and information!!

In Gmail, you need to enable the use of those “app-specific” passwords. Have them working here, with Outlook Express ( even for new accounts ) .

All using POP3, in case that matters.

Yahoo was another situation. US accounts ( .com ) allowed POP & IMAP, localized accounts ( .com.XYZ ) would allow IMAP only.
. That turned to be a bother, so I downgraded my use of Yahoo.

I Think you need to configure security, and enable the 2FA before the option for app passwords appear.

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I considered using “app-specific” passwords and 2FA…but would mess up my current configurations in Linux and Windows. So no!

I can wait…