Gmail in WebPositive?

When I visited in Web+, things went well for a while. I was able to log in, and my Inbox was displayed. Before I could do anything with it, the little window came up offering me various termination options.

A second attempt went the same way. I elected to save a report, but I’m not sure what to do with it.

When I install a new OS or Linux distro, I first spend some time playing with it. Then I start seeing how well my daily routine can be carried out. I recently learned that Java support is lacking, and that means I can’t run PLCash, my personal finance program. If I can’t fetch email, I may have to put Haiku on the “sholf” for a while.


You could eventually manage your emails using a stand-alone applications like the included “Mail” or “Beam” (available on HaikuDepot). You have to configure it as IMAP folder. If you use 2-factors authentication on your profile you probably need an application key to make it connect to gmail at all (go to gmail settings to spawn one)

I know that nowdays ppls tend to not use email clients anymore in front of web-based interfaces but you will wonder how clean is the email management without all that gmail clutter and distracting features plaguing the screen.

Gmail works for me in Web+. Two rather annoying caveats:

  • After logging in, Web+ freezes for 10-15 secs
  • Never click on a link in an email! You’ll get an alert about some “pending requests” and a bit later Web+ crashes.

Also annoying: I get logged out from time to time.

Very minor issue: you’ll have to click buttons twice for them to work…

There are a few Gmail related tickets at the bugtracker.
You can add your crash report in a new ticket, if it’s not among those, together with a description what exactly to do to reproduce the issue.

Web+ is very crashy for me. I use qupzilla and it works great on gmail.

I use gmail in web+ with no issues. One needs to use the plain html version for slow connections. Web+ never crashes on gmail for me.

Thanks for the Qupzilla reminder; I was wanting to try that. I’ve just installed it, and Gmail is working fine.

I took a look at the Mail app, and it looks good. I started setting up my Gmail account, and it went very smoothly. I chickened out at the selection of IMAP folders, because it listed all of my many “labels” with X’s beside each one. I need to be sure that X means use and not delete! Can you reassure me?

I tried the Mail app, but my experience was not good. The interface seems strange in that you cannot do everything in a single window. More seriously for a Gmail user, my selection of Gmail folders and labels was not carried out correctly. I am having good results with Gmail in Qupzilla, so I think I’ll stick with that.

I have never used the mail app, but If you’re referring to this:
It is Haiku’s version of a checkbox and you have nothing to worry about.

For web browsing you can also try Otter Browser, which is a little more modern then the version of QupZilla Haiku supports.