Glass elevator forum?

I posted a topic to the Features Request forum, but should maybe there be specifically a Glass Elevator forum for discussing long-term direction?

This is what I’m most interested in, and I’m less concerned with specific feature requests as I am interested in creating a sort of blueprint of the future for Haiku. Something along the lines of what the KDE project has done, creating a space for artists and UI enthusiasts to discuss new ideas and concepts.

It also seems like the GE mailing lists are inactive. I haven’t gotten a post from them in a long, long time, which is unfortunate.

It seems you’ve helped generate a fair amount of activity on the list recently :slight_smile: (Dated after your forum post that is). For whatever reason the last few months there have been a lot less ideas floating around (none actually, for 2 months IIRC) but whenever there are suggestions put forward there’s usually healthy discussion. So anyone else out there with ideas, sign up, discuss away, help keep the flow of ideas coming :slight_smile: