GL Teapot 60FPS

It’s OK to reply with a question, sometimes. Like when the question has already been answered, or you really can’t answer the question without more details. :slight_smile: There is no cause for sorry, or worry, from you or Nexus-6.

I am not familiar with any of the games. Also, GL Teapot is pre-installed. Most of my setting Haiku up isn’t in a place with easy internet access. As rudolfc said, GL Teapot is quick and easy.

For the future, it would be good if there was a drop down menu, with a setting to change. “FPS Limiter”. One could adjust, disable, enable…

In my experience, the “Why” is often just as important as the user’s question of “How”. Often a user’s perceived solution to a problem leads them astray, and the actual solution to the underlaying issue is something else.
Anyway, let’s not further derail the thread…

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set noto color emoji as system font

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I don’t know how to uncap GLTeapot, but I like using Chart with it’s different settings to see framerates, while running Pulse to see the effect on the CPU cores. Chart allows manually adjusting framerate, speed, Direct Window or Bitmap output, number of stars, star density, etc.


Normally, you’d have an app CLI/GUI setting to disable/enable vsync or indirect/direct modes (enhancement requested?)

Old demos, like teapot and gears, gives basic results. Mesa demos provides open source demos for various tests (i.e. tunnels, fire, etc).

Really Slick Screensavers is another tool…

Just remember the no GPU acceleration yet disclaimers…

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Since GLTeapot have been used to primitively measure performance since the BeOS days, I would like to keep that feature. Would it be possible to add a menu option to lock/unlock the framerate to the graphic card/monitor’s refresh rate? Locked and it is synced (in this case 60 fps), unlocked and it is rendered at full rate.


PTS and stress-ng are good candidates.

Yes. Anyone wants to submit a patch?



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Well, it seems it was worth to ask … both sides … so discussion now and as generally : helped
finally it was just done - by coding <|;-{)

Thanks to all the participants in it 8D
I like a community this way !..


i5-8400 UHD 630
defoult window size
hrev57308 64 bit