Github, haiku and two factor authentication

Hi everyone.

I’m getting warnings from github that from the 13th August, two factor authentication will be required to access github. Will this present a problem when using command line git client from Haiku itself?

Anyone have a easy to follow guide how to resolve and authentication problems under Haiku?

IIRC you’d have to generate ssh keys and connect them to your GitHub account (only did it once and put the generated key in ~/config/settings/ssh, then switch from http acces to ssh at GitHub), don’t know all the details though :slight_smile:
PS the warning has been around for a while

AFAIK, it’s not mandatory two factor authentication. You won’t be able to use nickname/password, but can still log in via ssh and uploaded keys.

  • Log into and go to Settings | SSH aand GPG keys
  • If you haven’t already, add your public key from ~/config/settings/ssh/

From now on, don’t clone with the HTTPS url, like git clone but over SSH:

git clone

When done for the first time, you’re requested to add github to your ‘known_hosts’ file.

Repos you already checked out via HTTPS can be migrated to SSH with:

git remote set-url origin

(possibly replace ‘origin’ with how you named your forked remote repo)