Git GUI for Haiku

What is best Git GUI for Haiku that can dynamically list commits?

I tried:

  1. QGit. Requires manually limiting commit count to be able to load in reasonable time. Currently best GUI for me.
  2. Guitar. Don’t load in reasonable time with Haiku repository. Unusable.
  3. trackgit. Unstable.

i’m happily use guitar… but maybe that just me…
i’ll try Qgit a shot another time
i don’t have any recommendation right now… but thanks for your list…

I use tig (ncurses) but I think this is also a bit slow in Haiku (I use it with WebKit which is a very large repo, however).

I think part of the slowness is because git itself normally relies on hardlinks and uses a slower fallback when used on bfs disks (which can’t do hardlinks). But I have not confirmed if using git with another filesystem in Haiku helps with that.

I actually tried porting SDL-Tk so that the built-in gitk and git gui would work, as these work well on other OSes, but the port just crashes in an assert, or (if you continue past that) displays a white screen. I committed the recipe, though, so if you want to look into that, you may find it useful.


I’m not an advanced git user, but for me Track Git is ok.