Git clone is very slow

e.g: I wanted to clone pkgsrc:

git clone

The network speed is good. But the whole process is very slow.

Is there any tweaks to speed thing up?

When creating the file system, I saw the option that enable queries support checked and from the tool tips I know it’s required for Haiku root file system and disable it might help performance.

Should I try to do git clone again on a file system without queries support enabled?

Anyone has experience about this please help. Each git clone took very long time to complete. I’m afraid it’s another lengthy process ahead so I wanted to ask before trying.


I regularly use git clone on haiku without any filesystem tweaks. It is not noticably slower than under Linux on the same machine. Maybe you encountered some bug in Haiku.

Which version of Haiku are you using? (32bit or 64bit, nightly or beta)

You could do that benchmark and report your findings. :slight_smile:

If you don’t need the commit history, you could add e.g. --depth=10 to the clone command to limit it to the last 10 commits. Depending on the project, this can save loads of transmitted data/time.

Known issue:
but no in-depth investigation so far.