Ghostscript Questions

Hello all.

i create a Ghostscript GUI in order to manipulate PDF files:

Now i want to add more functions to it, but i does not know what is needed.

Do you have any ideas? Please with example, so i can reproduce and add them to the program.


Render to/from image

Anyone get rotating a page of a pdf file with ghostscript?

Any example?


  1. -dAutoRotatePages= { /All, /PagebyPage, /None }
  2. -c "<</Orientation #>> setpagedevice ; Note: ‘#’ is a numerical setting.

I tried booth but nothing happens. The linux and windows way does not match on haiku

Ghostscript is a hard shell tool.on haiku.

If something is not right in a script it crashed. I have no example at the moment, i test this for months at worling on my gui.

So if one have any ‘on haiku running’ example, this would help me much.

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