Getting WIFI firmware without an internet connection?

I am trying to get wifi working on a laptop which does not have an ethernet port. I’ve downloaded the firmware archive and extracted it, but still tries to download firmware from the internet.

Run it in VM. Grab the package, copy to usb, install on other computer.
Btw: are you sure your hw:

  1. supported by Haiku?
  2. needs firmware?

Can you upload that somewhere? I’d like to see how it’d work on a clean beta1 install.

I was using the archive generated by

I now created the firmware zip with that script under Linux. Then I booted into a clean beta1 Haiku, blacklisting the wifi so I would be offline. I expanded the zip to /boot and executed the script.

You’re correct that the script still tries to download the firmware for broadcom43xx and marvell88w8335. But while it reports that it has failed and the firmware would not be installed, it turns out that it actually did…

Can you check /boot/system/data/firmware/ to see if there are the folders broadcom43xx and marvell88w8335.

Of course, the should be improved here…

The script should probably be deprecated if possible and hpkgs uploaded to those servers directly instead. But I haven’t read the licenses carefully enough yet…

The reason we have this script is that the firmwares cannot be redistributed. Otherwise we would just bundle them with the Haiku install (as is done for intel devices).

Well, that seems to be not quite true, OpenBSD does repackage these firmwares (but indeed does not bundle them.)