Get Haiku! webpage suggestion for an update

It happened I’m on Windows and I’m downloading again beta4 iso images, both for 32 and 64 bit.

Now, on the page “Get Haiku!” I read in order to calculate checksums on Win I’m pointed towards hashtab, which seems to be unmaintained now (their website warns it was discontinued in early 2022).
Instead, I would suggest any Windows users not to install anything, as they can call certutil, a command line utility shipping with Windows back since 7 at least.

What I run:

>certutil -hashfile haiku-r1beta4-x86_gcc2h-anyboot.iso SHA256
Hash SHA256 del file haiku-r1beta4-x86_gcc2h-anyboot.iso:


>certutil -hashfile haiku-r1beta4-x86_64-anyboot.iso SHA256
Hash SHA256 del file haiku-r1beta4-x86_64-anyboot.iso:

and the check is done, without installing anything on the OS.


Thanks for the heads-up. I made the change.
BTW, changes to the website can be submitted as PR at GitHub - haiku/website: The Haiku website. (Pull requests are accepted; please file issues at