Get Back running beos apps and game on haiku

Is there a way or hint to get back running some old beos Software?

I have the licenses of insiteDesigner, insiteConstructor but they does not run on haiku anymore. The same for the game Call to Power, Corum III. Would be fine to get them back running on haiku.

They should run. If they don’t, find the relevant bug reports or make new ones.

There is one for Corum III:
I found nothing for CTP and Insite Designer. If no one reports the problems, how would we know?

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Ok, i will search my cds for this to do bug reports

You reported one for InSite Constructor some years ago, and I fixed it then:

Is there another bug? Why was it not reported?

This seems to be fixed, could start InSite Constructor (after setting the x attr to it), now where did I leave my license code :smiley:

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Yes the app is running but no text is displayed in the editor