Get a SAA7130 based capture card to work

I have a SAA7130 based PCI capture card (should be supported by haiku) in a H67 chipset based Intel system.
The card works under win7/10, under linux/debian partially (I can not switch inputs, hard pre-selected Composite-Vid, but I want S-Vid).

With r1beta2 (64bit) the card shows up with listdev or Devices-App (Drivers used: unknown, but this is for all devices even the working network card), but not under the Media-Prefs, so I assume no driver is loaded and of course the TV-App shows nothing.

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listdev (or Devices, they use the same API) lists all devices, regardless if there is a driver for them or not. So having them in the list only tells that the kernel knows they exist, not that they will work.
Currently I think the only video input devices we have a driver for are usb webcams (and that’s only for a very limited list of very specific models).

ahhh my bad … got hyped by finding the chip under but the real list for capture devices is under (which is pretty short)

for future diagnose:
is there a way to check if a driver/kernelmodule is loaded ? and in use ?

Oh wait, I only looked at video drivers, but there is a separate dvb subfolder so yes there is. But it hasn’t been touched for a while…

To make sure it’s loaded you can use:
listimage | grep cx2

Even if it’s loaded you may want to check the syslog for debug output.

And yes, having one of the tuners of the list isn’t enough, if the main chip isn’t the same it won’t be of much use.

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maybe we need some clarification about devices:
a) video-in-device or capture card
b) tv-cards

the SAA7130 is not the tuner, it’s the capture chip (an Analog-Digital-Converter) supposed to get a analog composite video feed from a bundled tuner (use case: TV-watch-and-maybe-record-card in the old days).
if the cardmaker put 2 bucks more of components on the pcb you could also capture from a S-Vid- or Composite-Input.

reading more about the SAA7130 it looks like if combined with a digital or mixed tuner and input in this tuner is digital the SAA7130 works in passthrough mode because no A/D-Conversion needed …

the tuner on my card is a different part (20x bigger and labelled with a brand-label) … after searching the internet it looks there are about 170+ cards based on that SAA7130 chip from different big and lesser known brands and with many different tuners … it’s the same game like 1995-1999 and the BT848/BT878 chip (which was supported by beOS) was on nearly every (cheap) tv/capture-card … most times with a Philips-tuner (at least in Europe) …

a pure video-input-card does not need a tuner, e.g. you have a old device with s-vid- or composite-output and want record/digitize old footage or just view some old stuff and save space not having a bulky CRT on the desk

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Yes it’s the same as with webcams pre-UVC : each device is a random combination of a main chip and a sensor, that you have to try hard at detecting or just hardcode because you happen to know.
Now there are more abstract protocols that are supposedly implemented correctly by all devices, but then they require firmware blobs to decode it on their side.