GeForce GTX 1050 TI driver?

good morning! there is driver for video card GeForce GTX 1050 TI for Haiku? i Cant change screen resolution to 1360x768…

Not that I am aware of.

P.S. I added a question mark to the title of this thread so others don’t expect a sudden announcement.

Do you use a nighly or the beta release of Haiku?

Please every time add the hrev number of you Haiku system to questions.

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I use Haiku Beta 3

Okey , Samurai

Perhaps @rudolfc can help, say more about it, here?

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what for example? I don’t know what else to say

Hi. The Nvidia driver does not support this generation unfortunately. Out driver supports tnt1 UpTo GeForce 7950, which are all old these days :wink:

No not you ;-), rudolfc is one of the driver developers

…and i cant set resolution to 1360x768? >:-(|

Have you tried to set 1024x768? Do you use the vesa driver? I do not know all available screen modes for the vesa driver, but the default of 1024x768 should work. I know this is not the best solution, but can help.

1 - yes
2 - yes i use Vesa driver
3 - :sob:

what nvidia are supported? GT9600 or GT9800 are? or older? witch one? EFI support and i read something about VESA based Intel,Radeon and NVIDIA drivers, i wait for my one old pc NVIDIA GT9800.

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I user this card too and it works in VESA mode 1920 x 1080
Haiku Beta 3 nightly 64bit

and why i cant set resolution to 1360x768 :worried:. Maybe i need nightly

Its more likely that you need a card BIOS update as it isn’t providing that mode to the VESA driver.

In VESA mode, the list of available resolutions is entirely controlled by the VESA BIOS on the card. There isn’t much we can do on Haiku side about it.