GCC9 has experimental networking support in C++




Would this have any bearing on Haiku’s networking Kit? Such as simplifying it’s implementation or perhaps modifying it to conform to the standard C++ version?

Also there is apparently a test suite perhaps it could be copted to test Haiku’s network kit?


standards take time to go… standard.

i recently begin to use c++11, and dont even think that i’m gonna use c++14 or 17 soon.

So i dont see it affecting haiku NetKit soon.


It’s will be in gcc 9.1 effectively as defacto standard…


Not really, in fact it would probably complicate it, trying to use this, IMO. But @PulkoMandy would know better.

GCC will do all the hard work of implementing it, so we don’t need to repeat that.

Not really, the APIs are completely different. We have a slowly-increasing test suite of our own, and then of course there is WebKit’s test suite.