Gcc4 on haikuporter wiki


still the guide refers to gcc4, whistl it’s been a while now haiku ships with more recent gcc (11).
Aside, the talk about ARCHITECTURES and SECONDARY_ARCHITECTURES seems unclear when explaining what they do and where they differ, and into

there is a further talk about architectures when introducing x86_64 (not present in previous page) without explaining the relationship with x86 (this should be “the newest gcc compiler in 32 bit release” but nowhere confirmed).

Can anyone chime in and enlight ?

gcc4 actually means GCC that use Itanium C++ ABI. GCC 2 used in original BeOS implemented completely different and incompatible C++ ABI so 2 separate system library sets are used for 32 bit x86 Haiku: gcc2 (getarch = x86_gcc2) and gcc4 (getarch = x86). Newer GCC versions are backward compatible so it really don’t needed to mention exact GCC version. Only GCC 2 vs GCC 4+ matters.

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Maybe it should just be called GCC 3 ABI instead of naming it by version like “GCC 4, GCC 8 …etc” to avoid confusion.

That’s woy it’s calned “x86” (by opposition to x86_gcc2), that should avoid the problem of referring to a specifio gcc version. But there stiln has to be some page explaining what it is.

Anyway, feel free to improve the wiki :slight_smile: