Gcc2 don’t work with old BIOS computers!?

Why gcc2 don’t work with old BIOS computers? Tyle wam dałem a wy nic nie dajecie.
Are rummors as be a bot or uboot’s write this compiced situation?
You are so crazy, but I don’t speed up with new computers

Please do a bug report about your problem.


PS: @pvalue I change the topic because it does not explain how your question are.

We’ll need more info regarding your system and which Haiku version you were trying, because the latest gcc2 versions (beta4 TC0, and also nightlies) work just fine on the 4 BIOS-only computers I have, at least.

All my hardware is old, too :slight_smile:

As @lelldorin said… please file a bug report with as much info as you can…

Here you have some info about reporting bugs: ReportingBugs – Haiku

Good luck!

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Maybe is BeOS and not BIOS??? I think it was an errata in the text.

It would properly be an error or typo, not errata. Also, the singular is eratum and errata is plural.

eratum / errata
an error in printing or writing. (singular)
a list of corrected errors appended to a book or published in a subsequent issue of a journal. (plural)

I think there is also a fair question about whether GCC 2 is the issue or if it’s, as seems likely, the x86 gcc2h build of Haiku for 32-bit computers which is being referred to.

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