GCC optimization

Hey everyone!
Haiku does use GCC optimization flags?)

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Yes. Why wouldn’t we?

Solus os uses aggressive optimization flags, however many distributions do not use them. I can’t leave Linux just because of this :frowning:
Now joining Haiku😉
Sorry for my English

I suppose Solus does the same as Arch, that is rebuilding everything on the machine it’s intended to run?

The other distros don’t just “not use them”. They use optimizations that won’t make things crash on one of the CPUs they ship the distro to. They do it for a reason, to not have people waste time rebuilding everything on their machine, and to not have to recompile everything if you change the CPU or plug the disk in another box (which had happened to me last year when my laptop fan died btw, I’d have much better to do than recompile my OS in this urgent situation).

Haiku does the same, it ships binaries that will run on 686 or better. However we do have some functions that have accelerated versions that can be used if some CPU feature is detected. Some components also like ffmpeg which we use for codecs also contains lots of CPU-specific codepaths.

Really, for an OS that is targeted not only at geeks, not having to compile things all the time is a win. And the speed gain wouldn’t be that much anyway. Besides, we still have room for optimization before having to resort to this to speed up things.

Thank you for the quick response:)