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not Haiku relevant, but interesting nonetheless. I recently listened to a BBC Science Hour podcast, when (at around 18:50) the presenter valiantly pronounced the names of Dr. Gerald Weber and Christof Lutteroth to report on their new project: actigaze.

Both scientists work at the university of Auckland, NZ and brought us Haiku’s Stack&Tile and the Auckland Layout Method. From the videos on their website, actigaze isn’t developed on Haiku, but Windows instead. Probably, because it looks like a marketable product… :slight_smile:
It’s really interesting: An eye tracking method that tries to solve the ambiguous targetting due to the eyes constant jittering, by making it a two-step process: 1. You aim your eyes at a target and every possible target in the area gets highlighted with a different colour. 2. You select the intended target by choosing its colour from a side bar with those same colour wells. Clever!


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I’m big fan of their works, especially Stack and Tile. It is a pity that Haiku cannot be still “playground” for their research.

Why can’t it? Did I miss something?

According to your post, Haiku do not support hardware for eyetracking.

I interpreted your answer as that they abandoned Haiku for any project, present and future.
That eytracking website of theirs appears to me to squarely aim at developing a marketable, i.e. profitable product. That alone disqualifies Haiku (or any non-mainstream Desktop OS). I didn’t even think about the potential driver issues…

Sorry for this.

I think this is similar to normal Webcams (more sophisticated), but there is also SDK. BTW you can play with webcam games on Linux and Windows -

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