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You can see us also at FOSDEM in February (Brussels), or JDLL in April (Lyon). Or at Capitole du Libre next year!


Myself and someone else were working on no gravity (spacegirl) at some point (years ago I think?). I can’t recall exactly but I thought it was working and got put into haiku ports… my memory is hazy though. Just a hint that I do remember; it’s probably easier/faster to port the Linux SDL code than the old BeOS backend. Haiku is missing the BDirectGLWindow implementation (a Dano feature).


Unless I’m mistaken, BDirectGLWindow would just be a BGLView attached to a BDirectWindow, which is the normal way of using OpenGL both on R5 and on Haiku, so it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate this.


Although i was thinking this, sdl might be just plug and compile if there are no specific code.
However, the BeOS folder has some values for paths and startup setup, in a quick peek at the code.


There was a Be newsletter with some brief info on the differences between BGLView and BDirectGLWindow [1]. It appears it’s about locking across multiple windows, but anyway it does look simple to use a BGLView instead (for simple use cases at least). However, porting the Linux SDL version probably requires even more minimal changes (I don’t remember exactly).



Can’t not mention Cave Story !


Sure we are always interested to get our tutorials translated to every oter language.
The address to the tutorials are changed, because we create a new besly and the old one are switched to