GAG can boot HAIKU

Hi, people!
I am new to Haiku (I install it just today), but i see that GAG (the Grafical Boot Manager) that easily manage a lot of installed Systems, can manage (and boot… even if GAG is not yet installed and without any MBR or disk modification) and booting easily an Haiku installed System also. I have tested it on my installations and all work good.
GAG can be used from floppy-disk or liveCD (there are some well-know Linux LiveCD that have in GAG too and allow to manage GAG [and to boot an installed System]: e.g. the “Ultimate BootCD” and others LiveCD).
The GAG web page (on Sourceforge) is:

This to help you to offer a way (to all Haiku Users) to boot their own Haiku easy-going.

Thank you, people. Your Haiku is a great project, in my opinion.