FYI: R1 Beta2 Easter Bug Hunt Status Meeting Minutes

Find them here:


I was just 2 hours to early because of GMT confusion (in my head).

I missed to ask about Wonderbrush 64Bit then!

There is WB for 64 bit, what do you wanted to ask?

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IIRC the recipe was disabled some time ago.

I think Wonderbrush 2 on 64bit crashes on saving documents? And Wonderbrush 3 is not quite ready yet, unfortunately.

Diver and PulkoMandy…
That’s the answer I was looking for, thanks.

Will it be possible to resume downloads in HaikuDepot instead of always restarting from the beginning? Also, is there any plans for maintenance of the system/packages directory? I notice lots of disk space being consumed from older states and transactions.

To fix this, you can install FilWip (from HaikuDepot). It allow to clean previous states and clean WebPositive cache, amongs others.

Yes, thank you for this tip. Unfortunately, it wipes everything, not selective. You are left with no fallback in case of regressions. If FilWip or something like it allowed you to clean but keep some fallback (thinking of the way Linux Mint allows you to select kernels for deletion while keeping fallbacks).

You can selectively delete previous states and transactions. I have seen and followed guidelines on the site somewhere. Don’t remember where right now but I think it’s easy to find through search.

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Will it be possible to resume downloads in HaikuDepot instead of always restarting from the beginning?

Would you please check there isn’t already a ticket for that and if there isn’t one, add one in describing exactly what you think should happen.

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that is a known bug #12414

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Thanks, I’ll try to find that post.

Looks like a known request, thanks all.

It used to be an issue that accumulating ‘states’ decreased boot times. AFAIK, this has been resolved some time back. There’s still the issue of wasted disk space.

Back then I sometimes used this script:


# Move states older than 14 days into the folder 'oldstates'
# if there are more than 20 states folders

cd /boot/system/packages/administrative
mkdir -p oldstates

statinfo=$(find ./state* -type d | wc -l)
if [ $statinfo -gt 20 ] ; then
	find . -type d -mtime +14 -exec mv {} ./oldstates \;

This moves old states into an “oldstates” folder. To directly delete those states, replace the line in the if-block with:
find . -type d -mtime +14 -exec rm -rf {} \;

Of course, this sort of managing should be part of a new preference panel etc. I think there’s already a ticket for that. Alas, few devs, short on time…


Should check that out, tons of wasted space here also :slight_smile:
Just checked on my x86_64 virtual install, saved me 4.15 GiB :wink:

Windows have disk cleanup utility, Haiku should have something similar.

Maybe an idea to collect some of “users” script in a separate thread, I think many of us could benefit from it :slight_smile:

Haiku should not need something similar :slight_smile:
We could probably delete automatically states older than a few months or something like that?


FilWip accomplishes this but nukes everything, perhaps it could be modified with a date or revision or number of states etc to leave behind.