Future of cloud computing?

I walked to work one morning and thought something like this:
What if there’s some universal radio dataconnection chip that’s fast and can be put everywhere? Then things could “talk” together. For instance - there’s your Haiku machine. And besides is your printer. Both have microprocessors (the printer one is just less powerful). How about Haiku’s print server would run in the printer itself? Then I got it - shared processor time over radio waves. If there’s PDA and PC in the range, those could participate for example processing some 3D rendering and so on. Everything you need is one unified language that every device can talk.
So here Haiku comes in. It’s massively multi-threaded, can run on several processors…why not on several devices simultaneously?

I think I heard an idea similar to this a few years ago. I think Samsung or some other company was working on it.