Fusion - MPT inside Haiku?

Hello All,
I was looking at the Serial attached SCSI adapters from LSILogic and was wondering if Haiku supported SAS at all. On reading further, I figured that Haiku would need the Fusion MPT implemented first, in order for the LSILogic cards to work, since they’re all based on the Fusion MPT architecture.

Would anyone know if the Fusion MPT specs are available publicly at all, or do I have to contact LSILogic for them? Or does one need to wait until LSILogic decides to support Haiku ?

Another question, is Fusion MPT supported inside Haiku already? (I checked the sources, couldn’t see anything…

thanks a lot,

Nope, Haiku don’t support SAS. Nor Fusion MPT. Yet :wink:
I guess you could gather many technical specs from Linux or BSD respective Fusion MPT driver, plus some Fusion MPT specs are available from LSILogic itself:

Hi Phillippe,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I’m looking into the Fusion MPT source for Linux, also will do the same with OpenSolaris. Will download as much documents as I can from the LSILogic site, hopefully I have enough to port the MPT to Haiku…

Wishing myself luck,

Hello All,
I’m looking into the Fusion MPT source code for OpenSolaris, with the intention of porting them to Haiku.
Would anyone know how I may procure the Fusion MPT specs? are they available for download someplace, or do I need to contact LSI Logic directly, for purchasing them?
Please advise,
thanks a lot in advance,