Fun fact - the origin of its name : libuv :)

Before the finding I would reveal here – some words about the path which led me to a funny momentum …

For some days I had not checked commits - so I was surprised how much commit came from @korli at once regarding kernel, net and tcp : fixes and improvements as well.
i do not pretend I understand everything especially the code, but if the committer sometimes graceful - writes some explanation to the code or write an extended title to the patch.
This way you can learn some new details what used or added to Haiku - in general meaning.

 So long story short I found the next note in a patch : 

“this fixes a test in libuv”

I became curious libuv library - what is it for ?
Unfortunately there were no relation to USB VIdeo - so not for cameras :(…
BUT on its wikipage

besides its goal and target usage

I found the mentioned fun fact as well …

Origin of the name[edit]

According to libuv developer Ben Noordhuis, the name libuv originally had no specific meaning,
but as people kept asking about it,
so they made something up.
They came up with

Unicorn Velociraptor,

which became the logo of the library.[5]



There are a few other candidates there too, can’t remember all atm, but there is also libdumb, libass … :wink:


There are so many, that Debian has a wiki page entirely dedicated to them: WhyTheName - Debian Wiki


We need this unicorned reptile for neovim port :smiley:

Good to know – For me it was almost first time to met such nonsense :slight_smile:

Seeking for non-sense?

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